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About Us


We are Grand Dog Studio, and we make video games and high-end software applications. We’re a video game & software development studio and publisher based in the Netherlands, and we are a proudly independent non-profit organization. We believe that talented teams can achieve great things. As a team of around 10, in a tiny room, we created a award-winning 3D Game Engine called KZX Engine.


The people of Grand Dog Studio are a varied bunch from all over the world, but there’s a few things they have in common. Generally they’re humble, they have potential, and the grit to try to do their best work. Our team is everything, so? if you think you fit, then we are always hiring!


Grand Dog Studio was officially founded in 2014 by, CEO/Founder, Sander Kerkhoff, and he has been in-charge ever since. Grand Dog Studio still strives for success and has major upcoming plans for new projects.